Jericho Assistance Dog

No Walls For Jericho

One of our own shelter dogs, now an assitance dog, in New York.

Trained by Animal Farm Foundation, Matthew Smith’s dog "Jericho" is helping prove that “pit bulls” can work as assistance dogs for people with disabilities

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We need foster parents

We Need Foster Parents

We are in need of people to provide short-term care for our animals. We are "especially" in need for fosters to care for our KITTENS.

  • If you are willing to open your heart and home to animals in need, please give us a call.


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Meet Our Seniors

Don't make it about you... make it about them.

"I thought it would just be too sad and painful” read what happened next...

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By adopting a senior dog (or cat), you are giving it a home where it can live out its last months / years comfortably, knowing that he was loved.

Featured Pet

Cindy has been at the shelter since November. She has become very interactive with our volunteers, very playful, and she's very friendly. She is a wonderful little cat and is ready for adoption!

Our Adoption Bus

Adoption Bus