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Come out to Tractor Supply on March 28th and adopt your new pet!


These Pretty Kitties are Available

Granny Breezy Aslan Legend

We are all here at the sheter! Come out and see us!

Meet Our Seniors

Don't make it about you... make it about them.

"I thought it would just be too sad and painful” read what happened next...

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By adopting a senior dog, you are giving it a home where it can live out its last months / years comfortably, knowing that he was loved.

Featured Pet

Cindy is a pretty spayed, female looking for a forever home. She was a bit under the weather for a while, but she's better now and back in our Cat Adoption Room where she hopes her chances of being discovered will be great! Please pay her a visit and consider her for adoption.

Funny Video - Oh! It's just me!