Clinic Price List

Vaccination Clinics are by appointment only. Please call to schedule your pet’s appointment at 352-746-8400 during normal business hours.

Vaccinations and Services

Rabies Shot (1 year) **Requires a 1 year license$5.00
Rabies Shot (3 year)
**Requires a 3 year license
Nail Trim$8.00
Bordetella (Dogs Only)$10.00
DA2PPv (Dogs Only)$10.00
FVRCP - (Cats Only)$10.00
Leukemia Vaccine (Cats Only)$10.00


SNAP Feline Triple Test - Idexx (FIV, FELV, Feline heartworm infection)
** Required to purchase heartworm prevention **
SNAP Heartworm Test - Idexx (Dogs only)$15.00


1 year license
1 year license
3 year license
3 year license


Heartgard up to 25 lbs.$6.00
Heartgard 26-50 lbs.$7.00
Heartgard 51-100 lbs.$8.00
Triflexis 5-10 lbs.$22.00
Triflexis 10-20 lbs.$23.00
Triflexis 20-40 lbs.$24.00
Triflexis 40-60 lbs.$25.00
Triflexis 60-120 lbs.$26.00
Nexgard 4-10 lbs.$15.00
Nexgard 10-24 lbs.$16.00
Nexgard 24-60 lbs.$17.00
Nexgard 60-121 lbs.$18.00
Cheristan (Cats only)$13.00
Capstar 24 hour pill$5.00
Comfortis 4-6 lbs.$15.00
Comfortis 6-12 lbs.$16.00
Comfortis 12-24 lbs.$17.00
Comfortis 40-60 lbs.$18.00
Comfortis 61-120 lbs.$19.00
Revolution (for Cats) 5.1-15 lbs.$15.00
Revolution (for Cats) 15.1-22 lbs.$16
Revolution (for Dogs) 5.1-10 lbs.$15
Revolution (for Dogs) 10.1-20 lbs.$16
Revolution (for Dogs) 20.1-40 lbs.$17
Revolution (for Dogs) 40.1-85 lbs.$18
Revolution (for Dogs) 85.1-130 lbs.$20

Related Information:

All dogs, cats and ferrets, that are four months of age or older, must be vaccinated for rabies in accordance with F.S. § 828.30.

Dogs, cats and ferrets shall be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, or as otherwise provided by law.