Citrus County Animal Services
Foster Care Program
Colleen Yarbrough
Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 352-746-8408



Please contact Colleen Yarbrough, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator at (352) 746-8408 or email for more information regarding fostering. Must be at least 18 years of age.

By becoming a foster caregiver to our shelter animals you get the chance to spend quality time with some tiny kittens, teach a dog how to love and be loved, assist an injured cat or dog to get back on their feet, or lend a loving hand to animals recuperating after surgery. Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience, for the pet, and you, and it saves animals lives in a very direct way.

Training is required to become a foster caregiver. If you would like to become someone who fosters our shelter animals, please contact our Volunteer Outreach Coordinator.


Please contact Colleen Yarbrough, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator at (352) 746-8408 or email for more information regarding volunteer opportunities. Must be at least 18 years of age.




Volunteers Hard At Work!

Dogs available for adoption

Citrus County Animal Services volunteers were hard at work today in front of Pet Supermarket in Inverness. Today, they brought 3 pets in hopes of getting them adopted. Cesar (far right), Haze (top left), and Luca (bottom left).


  • Volunteers are the backbone of operations for Animal Services. With an economy that does not currently allow for increases in staff, volunteers bridge the gap between good animal care and exceptional animal care.
  • When our dogs and cats are clean and well groomed, their chances for adoption increase. We need volunteers who are willing to bathe, brush, and fulfill the most basic grooming requirements to accomplish this mission. All of the animals feel so much better when their coat is clean and flea free. Volunteer dog washers are always needed.
  • Because many of the animals that come to the shelter are accustomed to human contact, volunteers have the opportunity to provide a continuity of socialization for the animals that will ultimately afford them a greater opportunity for adoption. Our volunteers can offer the animals the care and affection that they desperately need, and deserve, until we can place them in their forever homes.
  • Dog walking is essential to the emotional well being of the dogs especially. Many of the dogs that come to our shelter are housebroken, and will wait for long periods of time so as not to soil their kennel. This is unhealthy and very uncomfortable for the dog. In addition, dogs that are confined to the kennels for extended period of time will become "cage crazy" and suffer emotionally. Our volunteer dog walkers play a very important part in keeping the dogs socialized and healthy.


Other Ways to Help



iconIf we can offer clean and healthy dogs and cats to the citizens of Citrus County, the animals will sell themselves. Please help us... help them! Volunteer generously from your heart and soul. Together we can accomplish anything!